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Konica Hexanon Lenses
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Konica Cameras
Pentax 645 CZJ Flektogon 50mm f4
Nikon FA
Canonet QL 17
Olympus OM 300m f/4.5 Lens Review
Rare excellent lens, super sharp even at wide open to compare with much more expensive lenses hard to see any quality differences.Very well built as all Olympus OM lenses. It has tripod mount and built-in lens hood. I found viewfinder bit darker with this lens than with Nikon Nikkor 300mm f4.5 ED IF.Lens does not rotate during focusing which is good for using polarizers,almost half the weight of the current AF 300mm f4 from Canon and Nikon, but still not light weight than Nikkor 300mm f4.5 ED IF.Perfect choice for any Olympus or Canon owner works just fine with suitable adapters.The compact styling and superior performance makes this ZUlKO 300mm an ideal tele-lense for sports, wild life even when it is handheld. The lense has a larger filter attachment size which accepts any 72mm threaded filter and usable with Tele-converter1.4X-A.
Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 75mm (7,5cm) f1.5 pre-war Lens Review

One of the most rare portrait lens from one of the most respected maker, Carl Zeiss Jena. Hard to find any information about lens so all information in next lines  just my guess. Made in limited amount from 1936 up to ww2 to did ruin entire Jena factory.

I think lens was launched to Berlin Olympic Games in 1936 as many others from Jena, they had a significant technology jumps in this years, famous T coating, many new cameras and lenses. Lens made for most popular and succesful early German SLR camera Exakta. Lens wide open less sharp than later post-war lenses, pleasant soft what was requirement from a portrait lens in those years when this lens launched. Stopped down to F2 at least or even better more , stunning performet with swirly bokeh. Lens has simple construction , focusing very smooth , light weight , diameter is not huge so pleasant to use. 


Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 80mm f1.8 M42 Lens Review

Pancolar was premium product line from Carl Zeiss Jena factory 50mm is so common and well known about it's image quality. 80mm sister if we can say anything is better , yes even better. Sharp at every aperture even wide open amazing.

Small lens not much longer than an 50mm lens and diameter not much bigger either.Lens contrast is perhaps best from eastern block lenses , lens draw stunning images. Lens has only three variants two of them  come with M42 mount auto and electric, third one has Practica B mount. No zebra or other finish, a super rare Pancolar 75mm f1.4 exists also as similar item in zebra finish. Focusing is a joy very smooth and accurate, aperture click well at each position. Most lens what you can find come in excellent shape, due lens was pricelly item and people did care about them well. 

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Jupiter-3 Jupiter-3 5cm f1.5 
Nikon Micro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 AIS Lens Review

What can I say about this lens superb ? Outstanding ? Perhaps these are the right words, I suppose every body expect phenomenal quality from a professional level Nikkor lens. You won't be disappointed! Exceptional good lens from every point of view , very well built mechanically and optically both. I didn't see any weakness of this lens, photography really a joy , easy to focusing , produce laser sharp superb colored images.Slightly better lens than other famous companies like Tamron SP 90 or Kiron 105mm f2.8. Sure this is very subjective opinion.

Agfa Isolette II 6x6 camera review
The Agfa Isolette II is the second rendition of a series of medium format folding cameras. It was produced during the 1950s, and usually came with an Apotar 85mm lens in a  Prontor-S or Compur-Rapid shutter. It is a nice looking, well made camera; however the bellows was of low quality, and after decades almost all of them have light leaks.
Polypan F50 Review
This is the cheapest film on the market by a large margin, but it's also probably the worst in quality. I shot several rolls using different cameras and lenses and developed them with various developers inclusing Rodinal, Fomadon LQN, Fomadon LQR, Paterson FX-39 and Kodak Microdol-X. The results were always sub-standard and ranged from awful (with Rodinal) to mediocre (with 1:3 Microdol-X). 
Konica 21mm f4 Hexanon first version EE AR
Widest wide angle lens in Konica line-up.Image and built quality both are excellent. Due huge front element size, lens is a bit prone to flare.
Rare lens, not easy to find it, it has several versions. I know two of them , earliest with chrome nose and later one with all black metal finish.
Lens is sharp from edge to edge.
Canon FTB
CANON FTB review (by MFLenses member cooltouch)

I owned a couple of cameras before I bought an FTb, but it wasn't until I began to use my "new" FTb that I really started learning the craft of photography. All too soon thereafter, my modern, automatic-everything cameras lay forgotten, accumulating little more than dust. Why was this, you may be wondering. 
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